History of Clarina



One of the most immediately striking features of the area is the spectacular ruin of Carrigogunnell Castle, situated just 3 km north of Clarina Village. The history of Carrigogunnell and the O’Brien’s of Pubblebrian has been fairly well documented, but any account of Ballybrown and surrounding town lands would be incomplete without some reference to what was such an important stronghold of the O’Brien’s.

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Tervoe Grotto

The Tervoe Grotto was built around 1870 by berthe, the first Lady Emly of the Montigny family.The Montigny family were regarded as one of the most aristocratic Catholic families in France at that time..

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Kilkeedy Graveyard

Kilkeedy graveyard is located beside the old Kilkeedy Church of Ireland church. It is said that in Kilkeedy graveyard the coffins are laid on the raised footpath outside the wall of the graveyard and prayers are said there before proceeding to enter the graveyard.

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